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A different approach

At PrimeFactor Health Advocates our approach to your health and your interactions with the health care system is all about you. We put our knowledge, experience, connections, and contacts at your disposal in order to help you achieve your best health outcomes whether you are active and healthy, or require medical care for a serious illness.

In health and in sickness, PrimeFactor Health Advocates will be there with knowledge and understanding of medicine, science, and technology combined with a compassionate approach that places your well being first.

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Coordination of Care

Medical and Patient Advocate

Health Advocate

Medical Research

Elder Care Management

Insurance Resolution

International Patients

“I firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that without the skill, generosity, and compassion of Dr. Stein I would have lost my remaining leg and today be confined to a wheelchair.”


Ed L.

Navigating the health care system

Navigating the healthcare system to find proper treatment and highly qualified physicians can be difficult under the best of circumstances and it can be overwhelming when you have just received a serious medical diagnosis. PrimeFactor Health Advocates has the expertise, experience, contacts, and connections to make your experience a less complicated and more manageable process. 

Our goal is to work with our clients as a guide, advocate, and liaison in order to help them achieve exceptional outcomes with regard to their personal health and their interactions with the healthcare system. Your health and safety is our number one priority.

Your Health is Our Priority!

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